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At ONE ENDO, we’re proud to serve patients from Westport with expert endodontic treatment. Whether you’ve experienced a dental injury to your tooth or you’re worried about a nagging toothache, we’re here to provide the expert treatment you need. With the help of our experienced endodontists in Westport, you can eliminate your pain, restore your tooth, and prevent further complications.

Why Choose ONE ENDO?

We are one big family here at ONE ENDO and we see our patients as an extension of our dental family. When you come to our practice, you won’t be treated like just another number. Instead, you’ll receive highly personalized care. 

Our compassionate dental team will take every step to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable during your treatment. We offer several forms of dental sedation to help you relax and treat dental anxiety. 

Our endodontists are specially trained in the treatment and study of the dental pulp, so you will receive expert endodontic care that won’t be found at a general dentist's office. We use specialized technology and tools so we can be as precise as possible in diagnosis and treatment. 

With CBCT technology and 3D digital scans, we can see below the surfaces of your teeth to reveal potential problems that can’t be seen on 2D x-rays. It also speeds up the process and improves the success rate of root canal treatment.

Getting to Our Office From New Rochelle

If you’re heading to our Westchester office from New Rochelle, you can head northwest on North Ave towards Huguenot St. Then, turn right onto Garden St in .2 miles. In .1 mile, turn left to merge onto I-95 N. Once you’ve merged onto the highway, you will take exit 18A towards Fenimore Rd in 3 miles. 

In .2 miles, turn right onto Fenimore Rd, and in another .2 miles, turn left onto Hoyt Ave. In .3 miles, turn right onto Mamaroneck Ave. Then, in 197 ft, turn left onto Halstead Ave. Continue straight for .4 miles and you’ll find our office on the right-hand side, next to McGuire’s Mechanical Contracting. Our friendly staff can’t wait to welcome you to our office!

Services We Offer to New Rochelle Patients

Root Canal Therapy

If you have a tooth infection, the inside layer of dental pulp needs to be removed. This is a treatment with a 95% success rate as it is, but at One Endo, we go even further to prevent the need for retreatment

Our GentleWave procedure thoroughly cleans the root canals with system fluids and energy. This makes it easier to clean the deeper regions of canals that might get missed in a standard cleaning procedure and it’s also less invasive. 

We’re able to clean and fill your tooth in one go and your tooth will heal faster, require fewer appointments, and preserve more of the natural tooth structure. If your root canal treatment fails, we can retreat your tooth will incredibly high rates of success.

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Endodontic Microsurgery

An apicoectomy is a microsurgery that can prevent the need to extract a tooth after endodontic treatment like root canal therapy has failed multiple times. After a root canal has failed once, a general dentist would typically extract the tooth and you would need to replace it. However, we believe in preserving the health of your natural teeth as far as possible so we can surgically remove the infection tip of your tooth’s root and replace it with biocompatible material. This provides the tooth with a sturdy seal that keeps out bacteria that can cause reinfection.

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Emergency Dentistry

We offer same-day, after-hours, and weekend emergency endodontic care for patients experiencing dental emergencies such as signs of a tooth infection, dental injuries, and damage to their teeth. We will treat you as soon as possible, relieve your pain, carefully examine the underlying tissues of your teeth with a microscope, and quickly begin to repair your teeth.

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You’ll receive second-to-none endodontic care at ONE ENDO. If you’re in search of an endodontist who will treat your teeth with the thorough and careful attentiveness that our hard-working team is dedicated to, then contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our endodontists.

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