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Root Canal Retreatment

Why Do I Need Root Canal Retreatment?

No one wants their root canal treatment to fail, but it does happen. And at ONE ENDO, we’re here to help with root canal retreatment that can eliminate your discomfort, protect your smile, and treat your tooth infection once and for all. Most commonly, root canal retreatment is needed because complicated canal anatomy or other issues went undetected during your initial root canal, and the infection was not completely eliminated. If your root canal fails soon after the initial procedure, this is likely what happened.
At ONE ENDO, we use advanced CBCT imaging to reduce the risk of this issue, and ensure the best possible chance of completely eliminating the infection during your initial treatment. In some cases, though, a root canal can also fail after a few years due to new decay, a loose, broken, or cracked filling or crown, or a tooth fracture that damages the tooth and causes new decay. Root canal retreatment is also necessary in these situations to save your tooth and preserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Retreatment

How Long Does Retreatment Take?

It’s typical for endodontic retreatment to take about the same amount of time as a root canal, since the process is very similar. 90 minutes is the typical time for the procedure, though your appointment could be longer or shorter depending on your particular situation.

What Is the Success Rate of Root Canal Retreatment?

The success rate for root canal retreatments is between 80 and 88%, which is only slightly lower than the success rate for initial root canal therapy. It’s a very effective procedure, especially when performed by experienced endodontists.

Is Endodontic Retreatment Painful?

No. Just like your first root canal treatment, your mouth will be completely numb during the process, and we offer sedation at ONE ENDO. You’ll be completely comfortable throughout your visit. If you’re experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, we recommend booking a consultation as soon as possible. Click the button below to learn more about our “Save Your Tooth” consultations.

What to Expect During Root Canal Retreatment

If you’re preparing for a root canal retreatment appointment, it can be helpful to know how your visit will go. We are here to provide you with reassurance every step of the way.


Imaging & Diagnosis

First, your endodontist at ONE ENDO will use a CBCT scanner to take a 3D image of your tooth, and diagnose the cause of root canal failure. This ensures you get the proper retreatment to restore your tooth.


Cleaning & Numbing the Mouth

Your mouth will be cleaned and numbed to prepare for surgery. You can be sedated during the process, if you wish.


Removing Dental Work & Canal Filling

Dental work like a filling or a crown must be removed, and the canal and tooth filling material must be removed, as well, allowing access to the interior of the tooth.


Tooth Retreatment

Your endodontist will essentially perform a complete root canal again, removing any remaining infected material, flushing and sanitizing the tooth, and then restoring the interior and exterior of the tooth with a filling.

Did You Know…

Root canals have a success rate of over 95%, so endodontic retreatment is not necessary for most patients! If you want more information regarding our services, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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