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Internal Bleaching

What Is Internal Bleaching?

Internal bleaching is the process of using chemical teeth whitening and endodontic treatment to whiten a discolored tooth from the inside. Unlike traditional cosmetic tooth whitening, which involves simply whitening the outer surface of the tooth, this treatment is a bit more complex, and requires the tooth to be opened to access the interior of the tooth.

However, internal bleaching can be used to restore teeth that can’t be whitened with standard cosmetic whitening. For example, if your tooth is discolored due to a tooth infection or severe tetracycline stains, internal bleaching can whiten the tooth structure, but external bleaching cannot.

If you have severe internal tooth stain and you’re wondering how you can restore your tooth, internal bleaching from ONE ENDO may be a good choice for you. Learn more below, or contact us now to get a consultation at our office in Westchester, Norwalk, or Greenwich.

The Internal Bleaching Treatment Process: What To Expect

  • Tooth Preparation – First, your mouth will be numbed, and your tooth will be cleaned. Any damaged enamel will be removed, and a small hole will be made in the surface of the tooth.
  • Root Canal Treatment – Next, you’ll get root canal treatment. To prepare for your tooth bleaching and restore your tooth, any infected or damaged pulp will be removed from inside your tooth using special dental tools.
  • Tooth Bleaching – A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate is placed in the tooth. Depending on your treatment, this may be left in place for up to 2 weeks. Your dentist at ONE ENDO will let you know when you’ll need to come in for your follow-up appointment.
  • Sealing The Tooth – The tooth will be sealed with a temporary filling. This filling will protect your tooth and keep it intact while your tooth undergoes the bleaching process. You’ll come back to have a permanent filling placed after your tooth has been completely bleached.

am i a good candidate for internal bleaching?

This depends on the extent of your tooth infection or staining. If your tooth is stained and is completely non-vital (dead) due to a tooth infection, for example, it may be recommended that you simply have it removed and replaced with a dental implant. Bleaching won’t be an appropriate treatment for teeth that are non-vital. 

Or, if you have a severe tooth infection, your doctor at ONE ENDO may recommend that you have root canal therapy, and then use a dental crown to completely cover up your tooth. In this case, bleaching won’t be necessary, since the tooth will be covered up and replaced with a tooth-shaped dental crown. 

However, if your tooth is infected and stained, but it doesn’t require treatment with a crown, internal bleaching may be recommended along with root canal therapy and a filling to restore the tooth’s natural function and appearance.

To make sure you’re a good candidate, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a dentist at ONE ENDO right away. After your consultation, you’ll learn more about the best option for your treatment.

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