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Traumatic Dental Injuries

Traumatic Dental Emergencies

Traumatic dental injuries can occur in children and adults of all ages, often as the result of a sports injury or an accident like a slip and fall. Serious traumatic dental emergencies usually require endodontic care, such as a root canal, to clean the tooth and protect it from infection and other complications. At ONE ENDO, we offer same-day appointments for patients with traumatic dental emergencies, so contact us now to get the care you need.

How Do You Handle Traumatic Dental Injuries At ONE ENDO?

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and your damaged teeth. In most cases, we can handle restorations like root canal therapy and fillings in-house.

How Quickly Can I Get Treatment?

At ONE ENDO, we pride ourselves on offering around-the-clock emergency care in Greenwich, Westchester, and Norwalk. We offer same-day appointments, after-hours treatment, and emergency endodontic dental care on the weekends. We have an on-call dentist available at every hour of the day from Monday through Sunday. If you have experienced a serious dental injury, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll provide you with the care you need to protect your tooth and restore your smile.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me to My Appointment?

If you have a fractured or broken tooth, it’s a good idea to bring the tooth fragments with you. In some cases, these can be re-attached to restore your tooth, and even if this is not possible, your endodontist will be able to examine them to learn more about your dental injury.

You should also make sure to bring your dental insurance card and a payment method like cash or a credit card in case you have to pay a copay. We understand that emergency dentistry can be stressful and scary, so you can also feel free to bring in a friend or family member for moral support.

Diagram of a cracked tooth

What Qualifies as an Emergency?

Any cracked, chipped, broken, or damaged tooth counts as an emergency. Whether your tooth cracked when you were eating something, due to a hard hit in a contact sport, or even due to an accident like a slip and fall or a minor car crash, you need to get emergency help right away. Even a minor tooth fracture can cause serious complications if you don’t get assistance from ONE ENDO as soon as you can, so book an appointment immediately. If you’re not sure if your discomfort counts as an emergency, we recommend scheduling a consultation. To learn more about our “Save Your Tooth” consultations, click the button below!

Did You Know…

Sports are one of the most common causes of dental trauma, and wearing an athletic mouthguard while playing sports can dramatically reduce your chance of a dental injury. If you play a contact sport, work with your dentist to get a custom mouthguard to protect your smile. If you want more information regarding our services, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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