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Regenerative Endodontic Procedures

What Is a Regenerative Endodontic Procedure?

If you are interested in an alternative to traditional root canal therapy for you or your child, regenerative endodontic procedures from ONE ENDO may be the right choice. This treatment involves disinfecting and cleaning the interior of the tooth, then stimulating the growth of new pulp. This restores the vitality and strength of the tooth, keeping it healthy for years to come. A regenerative endodontic procedure uses special biological scaffolds and growth factors to stimulate the regrowth of pulp after a tooth infection in a permanent (adult) tooth. In contrast, a traditional root canal treatment involves removing all of the infected tissue and restoring it with an inert substance that keeps the tooth strong.

Is This Treatment Mostly for Children?

Regenerative endodontic procedures typically have the best outcomes in kids. This is because their permanent teeth are growing and maturing. Regenerative endodontic procedures take advantage of this by further stimulating the regrowth of damaged or infected pulp and tooth tissue. While it is possible to perform regenerative endodontic procedures on adults, they are not always as effective as more traditional endodontic therapies, such as root canal therapy. To get your child the care they need, we recommend booking a consultation as soon as possible. Click the button below to learn more about our “Save Your Tooth” consultations.

What to Expect From the Procedure

The entire treatment process will take place over the course of a few appointments to allow for proper healing. Our gentle, friendly team will ensure you and your child feel comfortable and confident during each visit.


First Appointment

At the first appointment, the tooth will be cleaned and the treatment area will be numbed. The tooth will be opened up and flushed with disinfectant, and special antibiotics and healing compounds will be placed inside the tooth, which will be temporarily sealed with a filling.


Second Appointment

At the second appointment, usually 1-4 weeks after the first visit, the temporary filling is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned. Then, bleeding is induced inside the tooth to create a blood clot, and other steps are taken to encourage the growth of new tissue inside the tooth, which will be sealed with a filling.


Follow-Up Exam

A follow-up will be conducted after several weeks, ensuring the tooth has healed properly. You’ll be asked questions about any pain and discomfort you’ve experienced, and your dentist will take x-rays and examine the tooth.



There is typically no need for any special aftercare precautions. The tooth may be a bit tender and sore for a few days after treatment due to the manipulation of the interior pulp and other tooth tissues, but this is normal, and will fade quickly. If everything looks good, the tooth can be treated just like a natural tooth. Brush and floss regularly and see a dentist for routine visits to maintain your oral health.

Did You Know…

Your child’s baby teeth form the “paths” that allow their adult teeth to erupt in the proper position. This is why premature baby tooth loss is such a big problem. Losing a baby tooth before it’s supposed to come out can cause serious oral development issues later in your child’s life. Make sure you get the care they need to keep their smile healthy! If you want more information regarding our services, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

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