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Root Canal Therapy

Without root canal therapy, infected teeth will continue to die, and will eventually require removal. Get a root canal to save your smile!

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Sedation Dentistry

If you have dental anxiety or you’d like to feel more comfortable during your next appointment, the team at ONE ENDO is here to help.

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Emergency Endodontics

If you notice gum swelling, a sore tooth, or your tooth has recently been seriously cracked, chipped, or broken, you may need emergency treatment from ONE ENDO.

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Getting to us

Our Westchester office is conveniently located between Union Ave. and N Barry Ave. If you're taking Union Ave., simply turn right onto Halstead Ave., and you will find us on you right. If you are coming to us via N Barry Ave., you'll turn left onto Halstead Ave., and our office will be on your left. If you have any issues finding us, give us a call and a member of our team will point you in the right direction. We look forward to meeting you!

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