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Do root canals hurt?

No. At ONE ENDO, we can assure you that you will feel comfortable throughout the entirety of your visit. Thanks to our modern tools and technology, our doctors’ gentle approach, and our expert numbing and sedation options, root canal therapy is more comfortable than ever. The process is very similar to having a cavity filled. Root canals are a very straightforward procedure, and since our team specializes in endodontics, it is what we do best!

Am I a good candidate for sedation?

Sedation is a great option for many patients who may have dental anxiety or are nervous for an upcoming visit. If you are interested in sedation, you are likely a good candidate for one of our sedation options. We offer laughing gas, oral conscious, and general anesthesia to accommodate a variety of needs. Schedule a consultation today to see what kind of sedation may be suitable for you. Our team will make a recommendation depending on your needs and desired level of sedation.

Do you take my insurance?

As an out-of-network provider, we will work with you to file your insurance claim on your behalf. Since we are not in-network with insurance providers, we are able to focus more time on helping you understand your plan and maximize your benefits.

Can you repair a cracked tooth?

Yes! If you have a cracked tooth, we can definitely take care of that. Oftentimes, cracked teeth need to be restored with a root canal and a dental crown. We will take a look at your tooth, assess the damage, and recommend a treatment plan based on your needs and schedule. It is important to get care as soon as possible for a cracked tooth. If left untreated, the tooth could become infected, or even eventually die, which would indicate that you need an extraction. Avoid more costly, invasive procedures and come in as soon as possible so we can save your tooth.

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