Is It Safe To Get Care From An Endodontist During COVID-19? 

Is It Safe To Get Care From An Endodontist During COVID-19? 

Endodontists are experts in saving damaged and infected teeth. But you may be wondering if it’s safe to see an endodontist for your dental emergency in Mamaroneck. The answer is “yes.” And if you have a toothache or a damaged tooth, you need to get help ASAP to save your tooth. 

Read on and see why you should come to ONE ENDO for care, even during COVID-19, or call us now at (914) 777-9465 for an emergency “save your tooth” consultation. 

It’s Safe To Get Treatment – Don’t Delay And Get The Help You Need Today! 

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is serious, and we don’t take it lightly. But there's no reason not to see the endodontist just because of COVID-19, particularly if you are experiencing a dental emergency like an infected or broken tooth.

Broken, decayed, and infected teeth can die without emergency endodontic treatment, such as a root canal from ONE ENDO. In some cases, they can even cause a life-threatening blood infection known as “sepsis.”

The risks posed by COVID-19 are far lower than the risks of letting your tooth continue to die. And at our office, we are taking every possible precaution to keep patients safe from COVID-19 while still allowing them to protect their oral health.

How ONE ENDO Is Keeping Patients Safe

We take your safety seriously at ONE ENDO. Dr. Cotter, Dr. Mastroianni, and Dr. Saccomanno have implemented a variety of steps to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other infectious diseases at our office in Mamaroneck. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Vaccinations – We have encouraged all of our team members to be vaccinated. This dramatically minimizes the risk of spreading COVID-19. We ask that if you are not vaccinated, you wear a mask in our office to protect yourself, our team, and our other patients.

  • Social distancing – We have reconfigured our waiting area to provide 6 feet of distance between patients and have reduced the number of patients we see each day in order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

  • Patient screenings – We require all patients to fill out screenings about their exposure to COVID-19, vaccination status, recent travel, and symptoms they may have experienced, ensuring we do not treat anyone who may be infectious.

  • Infection control training – All of our staff have been trained on how to wash their hands properly, maintain good respiratory hygiene, and take steps to reduce the risk of infection spread at ONE ENDO.

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols – We have always followed all necessary regulations for cleaning patient operatories, ensuring a safe and infection-free environment. Our team is also wiping down frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs, chairs, tables, counters, bathrooms, and other surfaces regularly to minimize infection risk.

Contact ONE ENDO Now For An Endodontic Consultation In Mamaroneck 

No matter the situation, our dentists are standing by to help you save your tooth, and while COVID-19 has required us to make some adjustments for your safety, this is still the case. Our doctors are ready to provide you with the care you need in Mamaroneck.

So don’t wait. Contact us now at (914) 777-9465 to tell us about your situation, and get the treatment you need from our dentists. We’re always accepting new patients at ONE ENDO. 

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