Is A Root Canal A Dental Emergency? Yes – You Need To Get Help Right Away!

If your tooth hurts and you think you need a root canal, you may be wondering if you need to get help right away. Does it count as a dental emergency? Should you contact the team at ONE ENDO for emergency treatment?

The answer is “yes!” If you need a root canal, you’re having a serious dental emergency. Immediate care could mean the difference between losing your tooth and preserving it, and it could even save your life, in some situations. Read on and learn more about the importance of immediate treatment for infected teeth.

An Infected Tooth Is A Serious Dental Emergency – Know The Symptoms And Get Help

A tooth infection occurs when the outer layers of your tooth are damaged and the delicate, nerve-filled pulp inside the tooth becomes infected by oral bacteria. Most commonly, this happens due to untreated tooth decay, or dental trauma that breaks or cracks the tooth.

If you have an infected tooth, the most common symptom is a painful toothache that doesn’t get better or worsens after a few days. You may also notice swelling and discoloration of the gums near the tooth, or discoloration of the tooth itself. Your tooth may feel sensitive to heat and cold, or to the pressure of biting and chewing. You may even develop a fever.

If you notice one or all of the above symptoms, you should get help from a dentist right away. Tooth infections won’t go away on their own. A root canal is necessary to clean out the infected material, seal the tooth, and preserve it for the years to come.

What Happens If I Don’t Get A Root Canal For My Infected Tooth?

There are a lot of reasons that root canals are important for treating tooth infections. If you don’t get a root canal to treat your issue, you may experience the following problems:

  • Your pain will get worse – Your toothache won’t go away on its own. As the nerves inside your tooth continue to die, your pain will only get worse. The pain of a tooth infection can be excruciating, making it impossible to focus on work, school, and other tasks.

  • Your tooth will die and may fall out – If your infection gets bad enough, the tooth will die. At this point, you may no longer feel pain or discomfort, but the damaged tooth may break, crack, or even fall out of your mouth.

  • You may need a tooth extraction and replacement – If your tooth doesn’t fall out after it dies, you may need to get a tooth extraction. Once your tooth is removed by the team at ONE ENDO, you’ll need to replace it with a partial denture, a dental bridge, or a dental implant. All of these procedures are much more costly and complex than a root canal.
  • You could experience life-threatening complications – If your infection is bad enough, it can spread to the rest of your body, triggering “sepsis,” a life-threatening reaction by your immune system. An untreated tooth infection can also cause serious complications like endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart’s inner lining.

Worried About A Painful Tooth? Come To ONE ENDO And Get Peace Of Mind

Whether you’re in Westchester, Greenwich, or Norwalk, ONE ENDO is here for you. We specialize in endodontic treatments such as root canals, and our experienced team of endodontists will provide you with the expert care you need.

So don’t wait. If your tooth hurts and you think you may need a root canal, get in touch with us right away. Your condition is a dental emergency, and the sooner you get help, the better your outcome will be.

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