Root Canals Vs. Extractions

Restorative dentistry deals with dental health issues like damage, injuries, or decay. At ONE ENDO, we use the latest techniques and technologies for restorative dental treatments that repair the teeth, in order to help them last as long as possible. But, even with the great progress dental medicine has made over the past decades, sometimes a tooth cannot be saved. 

Let’s discuss what a tooth extraction is and when it’s actually needed, and how a root canal can be a better option for most patients. 

What Is a Dental Extraction?

When a tooth is decayed and damaged beyond repair, your dentist may decide that a tooth extraction is the only procedure left. A tooth extraction, as its name suggests, involves the removal of  your damaged or decayed tooth from your jaw bone. The roots and any trace of infected tissue must be removed completely to prevent reinfection and other complications. 

After tooth extraction, the socket is left to heal and a gap is left behind. The problem is that, over time, a socket with no tooth leads to the surrounding teeth shifting out of place and the weakening and recession of the jaw bone. So a tooth extraction should, indeed, be only used as a last option.

What Is a Root Canal?

Unfortunately, tooth extractions are often performed when other forms of treatment would’ve been effective, saving the tooth. Even preserving the roots of your tooth is beneficial, as their presence promotes jaw bone health. 

When your tooth is infected and there is no extensive decay to the top of the tooth (the crown), a root canal procedure is able to save the most of your tooth, strengthening it with specially designed composite dental materials. If the top part of your tooth is damaged, but your roots are still intact, you might still be able to keep the roots and have a dental crown placed to restore your tooth.

How to Determine Which One You Need?

When you have issues with one of your teeth that is suffering from decay or trauma, these big decisions will be considered. If a dentist suggests extraction, it’s wise to ask for a second opinion. Our team of doctors at ONE ENDO (Dr. Nicholas Mastrolanni, Dr. Dean Saccomanno, Dr. Michael Cotter, and Dr. Yan Chen) believe in minimally invasive dental treatment. 

This means that we are doing everything we can to preserve your natural teeth and fix them without excessive interventions. For this reason, we don’t perform tooth extractions unless absolutely necessary, and instead look for the best alternative to keep your natural tooth, roots, and enamel since they are the best materials when it comes to oral health. 

If you have a tooth infection or any affection of the inside of your tooth, you can rely 100% on the experts in endodontics at ONE ENDO. Book an appointment with one of our doctors in the Westchester, Norwalk, or Greenwich office, and protect the health of your teeth in a friendly and comfortable environment. 

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